19 Dec Blue Christmas Event Huge Success

Our second annual Blue Christmas event was another huge success and we hope to keep expanding our reach each year.  We were able to provide 110 complete Thanksgiving meals with all of the fixings as well as desert. Each of the meals were delivered by a uniformed police officer to a family in need.  We were also excited to have so many volunteers to help us package and prepare the boxed meals.

  • Christmas presents for families affected by violent crimes.  
  • Pete Newsham, the Chief of Police in Washington DC, contacted our organization and asked if we could assist five families in this category.  These families were victums of violence or sexual assualt.  We gladly took on the five families and provided each of them with Christmas meals and an array of toys and other gifts. Dale and Joe Abdalla had the priveldge to personally deliver these gifts to families. When opening the door to these families, it would be an understatement to say they were overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Of course pictures were not appropriate for this event since some of the children were victims.