Meet Lani Pinkney

Affectionately known as “Action Jackson” by her former colleagues, retired Detective Lani Pinkney’s  life changed forever on December 15, 1995, when she was shot in the back while pursuing a robbery suspect. Today, she’s a champion.


Meet Will Rodgers

A public servant for most of his adult life, retired Lieutenant Will Rogers was shot in the head at a gas station without cause on May 14, 2015, ending his police career. Now he’s a survivor with a message.


Meet Pete LaBoy

During a routine traffic stop on February 2013, retired Police Officer Pete LaBoy was shot in the head in Alexandria, VA. Refusing to be defined by his injury, Pete is using his experience to raise awareness of the needs of other injured officers.

Meet Justin Ellis

In October 2016, Officer Justin Ellis was operating a motorcycle responding to a stabbing when he was struck by a truck.  Not expected to live, Justin spent months in the hospital and rehab. He is now confined to a wheel chair.  There is a chance that Justin will walk again.

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